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Recession Proof Your Offerings

Get your free copy of Mark Brooks's new book, "Recession Proof Your Offerings."

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Drawing upon his years of stewardship experience and extensive research Mark has given practical help for pastors and church leaders as they face the challenge of an economic down turn in the economy.

Chapters include:

Chapter One: It's the Economy

A realistic view of the economy.

Chapter Two: It's Not The Great Depression But It Is Depressing

A realistic view of the economy.

Chapter Three: There is No Crystal Ball

How long will the down turn last and what will that mean for your ministry?

Chapater Four: Band-aids and Aspirin

How many pastors approach fails to deal with the essential issues of stewardship.

Chapter Five: Vision: The Reason People Give

The importance of vision to giving.

Chapter Six: The Power of the Pulpit

How you can use your pulpit to increase giving.

Chapter Seven: Practical Approaches to Stewardship

Advice from an expert that will guarantee an increase in your offerings.

Chapter Eight: Deal or No Deal?

When to move forward with possible projects during an economic down turn.

Chapter Nine: The Value of a Coach

Tiger Woods has one, why don't you?

Recommendations for "Recession Proof Your Offerings."

In Mark Brook's Recession Proof Your Offerings he has really challenged us greatly. It is time to run to God and we do this by practicing biblical stewardship, regardless of the economic times. His chapter on "Vision: The Reason People Give" is worth the price of the book! Get it. Read it. Buy another one. Give it away. This is one timely book. Every Christ-follower needs to read it.
Dr. Ronnie Floyd Pastor The Church at Pinnacle Hills and author of numerous books

Growing churches can't afford to wait out the economy to do God's work, this book explains how to be proactive in a reactive economy.
Alan Prass Church Business Administrator

Mark Brooks is informed, innovative and shoots straight. He is a steady and trustworthy voice in uncertain economic times.
Rev. Shane L. Bishop Senior Pastor Christ UMC, Fairview Heights, IL

"Mark Brooks is a no-nonsense stewardship coach. In his book, Recession Proof Your Offerings, Mark quickly gets to the heart of many of the stewardship issues we face in doing church today."
Dr. Herb Buwalda, Lead Pastor, Clay Church South Bend, IN

"I love the fact that Mark Brooks has taken the time, done the research, and written a book that helps our churches understand the financial challenges we continue to face in building God's Kingdom. Mark's Recession Proof Your Offerings is easy to read, easy to relate to, and very insightful."
Tracy J. Brown Urban Church Growth Consultant , Author; A Moses For Urban America, The Moses Within

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