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Recession Proof Your Budget
and Offerings

Churches that have a stewardship plan will fare better than those that have no plan and are relying upon hope.

Hope is not a strategy! Yet countless churches right now are essentially hoping that their donors will support them through the end of the year. Here is a thought, donít just sit back and let this happen to you, do something! Develop a plan of action.

We at The Charis Group offer a plan of action for you. We call it Stewardship Enhancement. We can help you determine where your giving is right now and give you advice on how to finish out the current year strong or start the new year out well.

We also are now booking our weekend stewardship emphasis called "Recession Proof Your Life." If you use us the small fee you pay will be more than covered by the increase in giving you see.

Stewardship Enhancement Services

Recognizing the need for ongoing help in the area of general stewardship, The Charis Group offers their exclusive program of evaluation, education and enhancement. This program is designed to help churches address their regular budget offering needs; seeking to strengthen their base immediately and long term. The services provided in this one-year program are:

Stewardship Evaluation - Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities

Stewardship Education and Enhancement - Helping to implement a plan of action that will result in a strengthened stewardship environment.

Recession Proof Your Life Seminar Weekend
Week end seminars designed to teach Christian stewardship and endowment gifts in a creative way entitled "Recession Proof Your Life."

This seminar will address these topics:

Christian Small Business Seminar
This unique seminar taught by a leading Christian small business leader will help your members who own their own business increase their revenues; giving them greater ability to be good stewards to their church. The title is "Serving the Saints?" The topics dealt with are:

  1. Making good customer service great customer service
  2. How to retain your industryís best employees
  3. How to improve your bottom line
  4. Budget for success

Recession Proof Your Life Preaching
Mark Brooks one of America's leading Christian leaders in the area of church giving preaches a dynamic sermon to cap off the weekend seminar that is guaranteed to increase your offerings and more than pay for the entire weekend expense. Through humor and practical biblical advice Mark Brooks will lead your members to begin a journey to not only recession proof their lives but also add needed dollars to your offering plate.

Fee structure is based upon the size of a church's budget and upon the help they request. One day consulting is available as well. For more information contact:

Tom Holloway
Director of Marketing

For more information, contact:

The Charis Group

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