Along with Beale Street, Blues, and Elvis Presley, Memphis is famous for its unique style of cooking. One of the great purveyors of Memphis style cuisine plies her craft in her well-known kitchen in a famous south Memphis neighborhood. She is affectionately known as “Miz Bonnie.”
Every Sunday afternoon, after church and on holidays, for over fifty (50) years, cars would be parked on both sides of Englewood Street to enjoy the culinary delights flowing in heaping amounts from Miz Bonnie’s Kitchen.

What was truly unique and remarkable about the time-tested ritual of dinner at Miz Bonnie’s was that she prepared the food, not for profits or expectation of remuneration, but, simply as an act of love. She expressed her love to her community and family through her cooking. She never met a stranger and all were welcomed to partake and enjoy the finest cooking that Memphis had to offer.

Many of her dishes became famous but among her most famous were her specially prepared barbeque dishes. The secret of their unique flavor could be found in that barbeque sauce. Now the world has the opportunity to share in what has been the exclusive province of Memphians, the legendary delight of Miz Bonnie’s Kitchen. So enjoy.