In addition to her world famous bbq sauce MizBonnie also produces an entire product line of mouth watering delicacies. Some of the products are to complement the sauces. Such as her signature rubs for pork, beef, and fish. The creamy cole slaw, spicy baked beans and some of the best spaghetti sauce you can put in your mouth. Her turnip and collard greens are total masterpieces and the cornbread absolutely was made in heaven. She turns out more pies and cakes faster than you can shake a stick. Strawberry, lemon, coconut , pineapple and chocalate are just and handful that she produces at will. Along with an assortment of pies including potato, lemon coconut chess, egg custard, strawberry, and three different kinds of lemon pies and that's not all. All of these products and more will be coming to a store near you for your pure enjoyment.